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The Ganzo G8012 Survival Knife is the updated version of the highly successful Ganzo F803 and is made of high-strength 8CR13 stainless steel. Made for harsh use even in the most adverse conditions. Its low cost is due to the huge production of the company, with exports to over 40 countries around the world. Among it and in the most demanding markets, USA, England, France, Germany.

The Ganzo G8012 Survival Knife has as a special feature the 5 mm thick black blade. Feature that makes it unnoticeable even in bright light. The special black coating absorbs all the sun's rays, with the result that the knife does not reflect and thus you are not easily perceived.

The Ganzo G8012 Survival Knife is full tag, ie the blade extends inside the handle to the other end of the knife, giving you the confidence that it will never "betray" you. Also at the bottom of the handle is equipped with a crystal breaking pin while at the front of the case there is a car seat belt cutter. In addition, on the front of the case there is a high-performance spark plug while on the back there is a plate for sharpening the knife. All this makes the Ganzo G8012 Survival Knife the ultimate survival knife.

The handle is made of ABS Thermoplastic, a modern material that only the best knives have. Special features of ABS are its resistance to high temperatures and chemical influences.

Weight: 356 Grams Blade Length: 11.5 cm Knife Length: 24.5 cm Steel Hardness: 57 HRC Blade thickness: 5 mm Steel Blade Type: 7CR17 Plain Lamas Handle: ABS

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